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My big clunky minidisc mp3 player took a fall for the last time tonight. May it rest in peace.

So basically, this seals the deal on me getting an ipod for xmas? Maybe?


okay she obviously had the stupid one though. there's more user friendly versions out there.

anyways, all i'm saying is that the only progress they've made on ipods is smaller, more memory and the ability to watch videos. they all look the same, and they all still have the same software defects.

whereas, the creative zen has all the sweet stuff an ipod has, and about 10 million other features.

so if you're not looking to be a trendy, corporate piece of zombie, and you can stand having a BETTER mp3 player that isnt an ipod, its the way to go.

I happen to really like my iPod.


What's your problem, man?
i don't have a problem. the creative zen is actually a better piece of hardware.

it supports more song file types than an ipod, more video types than an ipod, it has more than double the screen colours than the video ipod, hence better picture.

you're not forced to use itunes, you can do more than one thing at a time on it because of it's adapter. THE ADAPTER is actually included, instead of having to buy it seperately like you do with the ipod, and it doesnt scratch as bad as an ipod.

and they actually try to offer you lots of options with the creative zen. more colours, more accessories...
plus the voice recorder. plus the laptopesque features of calenders and personal organizers and the like...

and i don't know if they were forced to take this feature off because of copyright laws, but one of the first models of the creative zen vision... you can record music straight off of the radio, onto your player... which is sweet.
and by that i mean the radio that's built into the player. not some holding it up to some radio somewhere... yeah..


1)i've heard a lot of bad reviews over the creative zen, so i dunno how keen i'd be on it.

2)my brother has an ipod, as do a ton of my friends. they all seem pleased with them so far.

3)i don't need a gazillion features. from what i can tell, the ipod seems easy enough to use, and is nice and simple.

basically, if it means being a corporate piece of zombie (which i thought was kind of unfair to say), so be it. i'd rather be happy with the product, than being hung up over being trendy, or not.

i dunno... i like features

i'm not necissarily saying that owning one makes you a trendy corporate zombie, just that half the people out there who own it own it because it looks pretty, or because everybody else they know owns one... and it jsut pisses me off that they have a stranglehold on the market because its not an incredibly great product for how much you're paying.

Re: i dunno... i like features

basically... i hate people.

April 2007

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